Facts about Bath we bet you didn’t know

Ok so Bath’s charms have been well documented over the years, and even if you’ve never visited you’ll know all about its heritage and natural spring waters, but we know a fact or two that you probably won’t know.

For one thing, when the Romans first started creating a spa resort out of the city in AD43 the actually name it ‘Aqua Sulis’. When they realised the importance of the hot springs found in the area they set about constructing the baths we still visit today, as well as a temple nearby. The springs are the UK’s only natural ones, and they still set the city apart from the rest.

That brings us to our next fact, Bath continues to be one of the UK’s most popular places to visit, and it attracts more than 4.8 million visitors every year. 1 million of them stay and explore the city over several days and as Bath spa breaks, whilst 3.8 million of them visit for the day, taking advantage of its great transport links and easy location.

Last but not least, a break in the city isn’t all about its history – it’s also about shopping! True to its unique character more than 50% of Bath’s shops are independent. Now that’s a fact that’ll impress your friends!

Three More Facts You Didn’t Know About Bath!

Many people ask us to tell them more unusual facts about Bath and today we are delighted to be able to bring you 3 more facts that you probably don’t know about our beautiful city:

  • Uranus Was Discovered Here – William Herschel, the astronomer whose primary claim to fame is his discovery of Uranus in 1781, spent much of his time looking for pairs of stars in his early astronomy career. It was whilst he was engaged in this activity that he first noticed an unidentified disc-like object in the night sky, which we know today as Uranus. Herschel lived in Bath for several years and was also, when it first opened, the organist at the Octagon Chapel on Milsom Street.
  • Bath Has a Very Rare Shopping Bridge – At one point in history, bridges lined with retail outlets were very popular and could be found in countries all over the world. Today, however, there are very few examples left. In fact, at the time of writing, there are only 3 bridges in the world with end-to-end shops lining both their sides. Pulteney Bridge, in Bath, is one of these bridges. If you are visiting the city for a short break and you fancy a couple of hours of retail therapy in charming surroundings, we can unreservedly recommend a trip to Pulteney Bridge.
  • The City Has Its Own Currency – Admittedly it is not all that popular these days but the city does still have its very own currency, known as the Bath Oliver. Launched in 2011, it can be purchased with Pounds Sterling and then used as discount coupons, redeemable at various shops around the city. The currency is named after Dr William Oliver, who invented a savoury cracker of exactly the same name in 1750.

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