Best Spots for a Date in Bath

As you might imagine, selecting the best spots for a date in Bath is not an easy task, not with so many fantastic places to choose from. Whether it’s the Georgian architecture of the city you love, or the rolling hills and green valleys that surround it, there is a plethora of spots awaiting you.… Read more »

The Best Outdoor Activities to Enjoy When You Stay in Bath

Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is justly famous for its stunning architecture, rich history, and natural hot springs. However, Bath is not just a city of history, culture and relaxation. It’s also the perfect place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for adventure and excitement. Below, are some of the… Read more »

A Brief Guide to the Most Beautiful Buildings in Bath

To say that Bath is a city steeped in history is something of an understatement. With everything from ancient Roman ruins to Georgian masterpieces waiting to be explored, it’s the perfect destination for anyone who appreciates beautiful architecture and places of historical interest. In this article, we’re going to take a quick look at some… Read more »

Enjoy a Round of Golf in England’s Historic City of Bath

The English city of Bath is known for its historic buildings dating back to Roman times. It hosts some of England’s best-preserved Roman baths, hence the name. It is also one of Britain’s most popular spa destinations. With its ancient baths, buildings, other historic landmarks, and scenic surroundings, Bath is an ideal destination for a… Read more »

Romantic Places to Stay in Bath 2022

The city of Bath is home to some of the most historic and beautiful places. Roman baths, afternoon teas, historic museums, beautiful gardens; the list goes on. This makes Bath the best place to stay for couples who are searching for a romantic getaway. Bath not only has an abundance of activities to do, but… Read more »

Best Italian Restaurants in Bath

Pizza, pasta, gelato – sounds good, right? They’re all lovely foods and they have one thing in common, they come from Italy! Unfortunately, the small matter of a 1,286 miles journey means that the historic European city isn’t easily accessible – certainly not on a regular basis! Thankfully, there is no shortage of top-quality Italian… Read more »

Best Pubs in Bath

Nothing says Great Britain like a traditional pub. Good food, good drink and a good atmosphere. Importantly, somewhere you can spend quality time with your friends and family. And if you live in or around Bath, you’re in luck! As well as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site (yes, really) and one of the world’s… Read more »

Best Cocktail Bars in Bath

It’s been a tough few years, hasn’t it? Thankfully, we can always retire to a local bar for some well-earned downtime. That is if you live, work or visit Bath, of course! That’s because the internationally recognised city is packed to the brim with cocktail bars offering a wide range of drinks, all at great… Read more »

Things to Do in Bath Over the Summer Holidays

It’s the largest city in Somerset. It’s been voted the number one spot for spa breaks in the country by TripAdvisor users. And, last but certainly not least, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – owing to its deep-rooted Roman history. All in all, Bath is a fantastic city with SO much to see… Read more »